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To enable you to judge the quality of our products, the postage costs of the first djembe you order will be debited from you next order.
The instruments may be sold wholesale, contact us for details. To benefit from wholesale prices, send us your company details.The instruments remain the property of AATMI DJEMBE until payment of the order is made in full.
The goods will be sent upon receipt of the full payment.
We accept cheques or bank transfers.
Instruments out of stock will be delivered as soon as possible.
A deposit of 35% is necessary with your order; if you withdraw 20% will be retained.
An order is ratified once the 35% is paid. If, after 15 days, the 35% is not paid, AATMI DJEMBE will consider the order anulled.
The delivery period is 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the destination and the nature and quantity of the order. Delivery times can only ever be an estimate but we do our utmost to satisfy each customer. Postage and packing clearly depend on the order and its destination, and will be added to the price of the order.The instruments are packed in plywood cases wich withstand most accidents.We are insured, but in case of problems related to transport of the order, please contact the transporter.

The AATMI DJEMBE guarantee works in the following way:

. On receiving the order, the client checks it and informs AATMI DJEMBE by letter or fax of any problem within three days. Outside this period, no claim will be considered.
. AATMI Djembe will give to the client a number authorising the return of the instrument. Without this number, no returned instrument will be accepted.

. Only the djembes can be replaced.The guarantee applies only to the djembe itself, and not to problems of transportation. The defective item must be returned to Abidjan in its original packing at the expense of the client (transport and insurance).
. Once the djembe is received, AATMI DJEMBE will evaluate the faults of fabrication and the djembe will be exchanged and returned at our cost. The transport costs will be reimbursed to the client.
.If AATMI DJEMBE find no fault in the fabrication, the client must, to recuperate the instrument, pay the transport costs.

There can be no repayment in the following cases:
. Late delivery.
. Variation in weight, size, carving or wood colour. Each instrument is unique, produced by individual craftsmen. Variations are natural, and cannot be considered as faults.
. Improper handling, impacts, exposure to moisture or sunlight, etc.
. Bodily or other injury caused directly or indirectly by the instrument does not commit AATMI DJEMBE.

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